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What We Do

Problem Discovery

Before you can design a solution, you need to make sure that you address the right problem.

User Research

There is a broad landscape of tools you can use to find out about your users. We help to pick the right ones.

Usability Review

The psychology behind user behaviour is the same for all people. So there are principles you should apply.

Facilitate & Ideate

Getting the most out of your workshops: We help you to apply entertaining formats which deliver results.

Agile UX Coaching

Implementing UX processes into agile environments is hard. We can steer you around the pitfalls.

Measure the KPIs

Beyond vanity values: Measuring the right thing is crucial when you want to know early ...


»Focus on the user and all else will follow.«

We absolutely agree with Google on this. You need to face the hard truth that neither your website users nor your customers spend the majority of their time with your product. Time is valuable and they hire your product to do a certain job so they can get on with their lives soon. And we believe that the best product is the one that wastes as little time as possible. And delivering such a product is key to good user experience.

This is why we put the user in the focus right from the beginning. Be it when defining the actual problem or when figuring out what the best solution could be.


People hire products to get a job done. Your product should do this job in the most effective and enjoyable way. Your product is wrong when using it feels like this:

Sisyphos Illustration Dont

This is how it should feel when your product is being used to get a job done:

Sisyphos Illustration Do



In order to make great products you need processes that put the user into the center at any time. This can be tricky but it is worth the effort. We will assist you finding the way that suits you best.


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